I just want to share with you this topic.I think it is suitable now because i,many teenagers out there especially muslim teenagers will celebrate Valentine's Day.I do not know either this article is good or not,because my English is not totally good,but I try my best to improve my English.

What is the meaning of love?

I think the word love is very familiar among us but now I would like to define the word love based on certain sources. From my simple research,in a very short time,I have only found five verses in Quran,using the word love.Actually,I do not know either this fact is true or not because i do not have enough time to check all verses.It is better for you to refer to huffaz and ask them is it true or not this statement.

The five verses indicates love are in
Surah ali Imran verses 3 and 14,Surah taubah verses 23-24,Surah Yusof 33,surah hujurat 7.

First of all,we look to the definition of love in literal meaning.In literal meaning it is fondness,tender and kind feelings.It means that love is nature inclination which exist in your heart nad everyone has this inclination.

If you refer to Mac Millan English Dictionary page 851 the meaning of love is divided in three points:

1-To be strong attracted to someone in an emotional and sexual way.It means that your relation with your partner,wife and boyfriends or girlfriends.

2-To care very much about someone,especially members of your family or close friends.

3-To like or enjoy something very much-such you spend your time with beneficial things.

From sufi's view love means the relation of the heart with the Truly Beloved one.It means that if you love Allah,you will love everything such as love your parents,family,and universe.It is because allah command or demand us to love our family:Allah Says in Surah Tahrim means:

O you who believe!save yourselves and your family from a fire whose fuel is Men and Stones,over which are(appointed) angel stern and severe,who flinch not(from executing),the commands they receive from Allah,but do(precisely)what they are commanded.

love our parents:

Allah says in surah israa' :Your Lord has decreed that you worship none but Him,and that you be kind to parents.Whether one or both of them attain old age in your life,say not to them a word of contempt,nor repel them,but address them in terms of honour.

Islamic scholar_Imam Al-Ghazali also has discuss term of love in Bab Mahabbah in Ihya' Ulumuddin.
Al-Ghazali defines loves as the inclination of one's nature toward the object which gives pleasure.When this inclination becomes strong it is called passionate love.

Love from Islamic Perspective.

Love from islamic perspective is very wide and obvious.The perspective is totally
different from Western perspective.Islam look love as one of human basic need to sustain their life.The classification of love is very deep including love to Allah,prophets,parents,families,and universe.We cannot deny that Western perspectives also cocern about love to parents and family,but everyday we all are exposed to or about love between male and female in television taht comes from west especially during Valentine's Day.I think you have already known about it.

So when we ask our community outside,Brother "what is your opinion about love"?
I think majority of their basic understanding is based on relationship between male nad female.Bear in mind,that I do not say that love between male and female is no important but sometimes we must open our mind to think beyond this matters.

In Islam if you love your country,you will have certain part of iman.So,use your deep thinking to ponder this matters.
what we can get by celebrating Valentine's Day.Think about it............