1-Diffrences between the concept of worship in islam and the concept of worship in other religions:

1.1-Freedom from any intermediaries

Islam has liberated 'worship' from the bondage of intermediaries between man and his Creator.

Example:The prophet(peace be upon him)himself advised his own daugther Fatimah,which show that all human beings stand on a footing of complete equality before God:

"O fatimah,daugther of Muhammad:I shall be of no help to you before Allah."

1.2-Not confined to specific places

Islam regards every place or wherever a man might be,that he still can perform the worship as long as the place is pure enough.
Example:the back of an animal and a mosque specifically built for worship-prophet(peace be upon him)has expressed this idea beautifully.

"The whole of the earth has been rendered for me a mosque:pure and clean"

1.3-All embracing view.

Every virtuous action which has been sincerely performed and with the view to carry out the commandments of God and in order to seek His pleasure,is an act of worship for which man will be rewarded.

Example:An act of worship to try to strengthen one's body by providing it with its due of nourishment and sleep:to enable it to shoulder the responsibilities which have been placed on man by God.

2 Reason Islam extends scope of ibadah

2.1-Islam wants man's heart to remain in perpetual communion with his lord.

Example:During workinh pursuits;this will enable him to remain perpetually in the state of submission,obedience and devotion to God and this is the very essence of worship.

2.2-Islam wants that man should observe ceaseless vigilance over his desires to that his life may become a source of his welfare in the life.As Quran says:seek the abode of the hereafter in that which Allah has given to you and neglect not your portion of the world'.(al-Quran 28:77)

Example:When aperson knows that even his enjoyment and pleasures can become acts of worship merely by virtue of purity of intention and motive.This for he knows well that this devotion to God does not necessarily mean abondament of worldly life,and misery and wretchedness.

2.3 Islam wants that man should observe good intention.

Example:The Holy Prophet has said that even when a person affectionately puts a piece of food in the mouth of his wife in order to strengthen bonds of matrimonial love,he is rewarded for it.This is understandable for he is trying to fulfil the purpose of living together with love and affection.This because good attention will prevent man from forgetting God because of excessive self-indulgence.